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i hate when i’m too comfortable around someone because then my brain thinks its ok to act weird but even then i end up being too weird


The Gentleman’s Guide Here

"If you sleep eight hours per day and you live to be 60, you’ve slept for 20 years. That is reason enough for me to get up the first time my alarm goes off."

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I don’t know what my day-to-day life consists without you, without all of you.


just a reminder




"where’s my christian grey????” hopefully locked up in prison

It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.

Game of Thrones: A very serious TV show about bloody battles and people dying at weddings

When he straightened again, there were six Harry Potters gasping and panting in front of him. 
Fred and George turned to each other and said together, “Wow- we’re identical!” 
"I dunno, though, I think I’m still better-looking," said Fred, examining his reflection in the kettle. 

AU: When Harry arrived at Neville’s Christmas party he did not expect to run into old Professor McGonagall.

Heya, I'm Jas! I'm in year twelve and from Australia.Hope ya'll like the shiz I post (Just so you know, half of it isn't mine) - definitely not creative enough to be able to do half of the stuff you amazing people can do on here. xxAnyways, enjoy the likes of Harry Potter, Supernatural, prettyful photos and lots of other random stuff that I decide I like.

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